HTML5 Games

HTML5 is a powerful open source Web markup language. All HTML5 games are playable on a Web browser, so you don't have to download anything.

Button Masher Button Masher
My first Javascript game. How many points can you rack up?
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Keyboard Masher Keyboard Masher
It's like Button Masher, except this time, you're mashing the keyboard!
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Mouse Swipe Mouse Swipe
The third game in the Masher Series. Swipe your way to victory!
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Escape a Tower Escape a Tower
In my first ever game, a kidnapper has taken you into a ragged car, driving up to a tall, scary tower.
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I am Thinking of a Number I am Thinking of a Number
The sophisticated number guesser.
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Lost in a Forest Lost in a Forest - a Text Adventure
Will you find your way out?
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Rebus Puzzles Galore Rebus Puzzles Galore
100+ brainteasers for you to solve.
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Deal or No DealDeal or No Deal
Play the nerve-wracking game show during your party for free. Public domain.
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Vista Point (V1) Vista Point (V1)
A peaceful work of art created with PowerPoint shapes.
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Vista Point (V1) Vista Point V2
A revision of the image with improved detail/vibrancy.
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Intervals of Harmony - A simple melody with instruments gradually playing to enhance the music. View Music

PowerPoint Games

Bingo Master Board - Now you can project which numbers are drawn in Bingo, using the technology of PowerPoint. More Info | Download

Cursor Adventure (Demo) - A major mouse maze game with integrated graphics. More Info | Download

Memoric Trivia - Can you answer all the trivia questions and still remember the combination? Now with a Reduced Pain Edition. More Info | Download | Download Reduced Pain Edition

Make Your Own Memoric Trivia - Want to make your own Memoric Trivia? Now you can. More Info | Download

PowerPoint Arcade - An ongoing minigame compilation. More Info / Download

Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint - My most popular download. Bring the popular game show to your very own living room! More Info | Download

Games in Prototype Testing

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