Coming Soon

Below are a list of games and projects that I am thinking about or is in progress. Please note that the games shown here may not necessarily be completed.

  • Huge updates are in the works for the Bingo Master Board lineup. I'm not going to reveal exactly what it is just yet, but I'll likely release previews (just like I did with the last Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint update) due to its large scope.

The final game of
The Masher Series
  • On October 1, 2015, I finally released Mouse Swipe, completing the trinity of Masher Series games. There is still one more game I need to work on though, and let's just say it tries to combine all three games.
  • As of this writing, I don't expect to begin progress on this game anytime soon.

Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint
  • More updates for Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint have been planned. It'll take a while since I need a break after releasing the ambitious version 4.0.

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