Coming Soon

Below are a list of games and projects that I am thinking about or is in progress. Please note that the games shown here may not necessarily be completed.

The final game of
The Masher Series
  • On October 1, 2015, I finally released Mouse Swipe, completing the trinity of Masher Series games. There is still one more game I need to work on though, and let's just say it tries to combine all three games.

  • You saw it; it's back! Originally planned in 2011, Journey to Home will be made with HTML5 and will continue straight from where Escape a Tower left off. It will also contain new gameplay elements which will enhance the text adventure experience.
  • Since I still have all the above projects to work on, it'll take a while before I get to this one. I hope you have lots of patience.

  • Convert every PowerPoint game to HTML5 - This isn't going to happen anytime soon, but I hope to do so when I get the programming knowledge. So far, I have successfully converted Escape a Tower and I am Thinking of a Number.

This page was last revised Oct. 1, 2015.